Past Members

Note: prior to 21st August 2021, the Aarts lab was known as the Oxford Colloid group run jointly by Prof Dirk Aarts and Prof Roel Dullens. 

Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Iago Grobas:2021-2023, Bacterial assembly in extreme confinement. Now a postdoctoral researcher in the Buceta lab at the Insitute for Integrative Systems Biology, University of Valencia.
  • Taiki Yanagashima: 2017-2021, Confocal microscopy&optical tweezing of 3D colloidal crystals and TPM particle synthesis. Now an assistant professor at Kyoto University.
  • Ivo Buttinoni: 2017-2020. Personal Website. Ivo worked with active particles at oil-water interfaces. Ivo is now a group leader at Heinrich-Heine University, in Dusseldorf.
  • Marjolein van der Linden: 2015-2018. Marjolein worked on active particles.
  • Kazem Edmond: 2014-2016, Confocal microscopy of 3D colloidal crystals and TPM particle synthesis, now at Exxon Mobil.
  • Yongxiang Gao: 2013-2016. LinkedIn profile. Yongxiang's research focused on the physics of active colloidal particles and their synthesis.
  • Bo Peng: 2013-2016, Synthesis and characterisation of (magnetic) colloidal systems.
  • Lia Verhoeff: 2012-2016. LinkedIn profile. Lia's research focused on emulsions and interfaces.

DPhil Students

  • Mariana De Oliveira Silva: 2022,Tactoid formation in suspensions of Pf4 virus particles and the role of impurities.
  • Camille Boulet: 2022, Rheology of colloidal clay gels and their mixtures (in collaboration with Syngenta). Currently a materials scientist at Lonza, France.
  • Jack Holland: 2022, Phase separation and interfacial phenomena of a model biomolecular condensate (jointly supervised by Dr TJ Nott, Oxford biochemistry). Currently a postdoctoral researcher with Dirk.
  • Lachlan Alexander: 2022, Motility induced phase separation: numerical and experimental approaches towards the high Péclet regime. Currently an analyst at Bayview Asset Management, LLC.
  • Balkis Dohni: 2022, The colloidal liquid-gas interface: kinetics of phase separation, confinement and optical manipulation. Currently a maths teacher in Surrey.
  • Carla Fernández-Rico2021, Colloidal SU-8 Rods and Bananas: Synthesis and Self-assembly (jointly supervised by Prof R Dullens). Carla is now a post-doc at ETH Zurich with Prof. Eric Dufresne.
  • Adam Stones: 2020, Measuring Structure and Interactions in Colloidal Fluids Using Test-Particle Insertion (jointly supervised by Prof R Dullens). Now a data scientist at Company Watch.
  • Louis Cortes: 2019, Colloidal liquid crystals: phase behaviour, dynamics and confinement. Louis is currently pursuing postdoctoral research at Cornell University, focusing on the role of metabolism and environmental fluctuations on antimicrobial resistance in the Guillaume Lambert lab.
  • Michael Mordan: 2019, Properties and dynamics of two-dimensional colloid-polymer mixtures (jointly supervised by Prof R Dullens). Currently a software engineer at Threedy, in Darmstadt.
  • Siyu Chen: 2019, The ice-water interface and its interactions with colloidal monolayers (jointly supervised by Prof R Dullens). He is now working as a data scientist at Catenion, Berlin.
  • Joshua Abbott: 2018, Driven colloidal particles in optical landscapes (jointly supervised by Prof R Dullens). Joshua currently works for Oxford Nanoimaging.
  • Huzaifah Abdul Razak: 2017, Wetting behaviour of colloid-polymer mixtures in confinement
  • Yanyan Liu: 2017, Colloidal particles for confocal microscopy and optical tweezing (jointly supervised by Prof R Dullens). Currently a software engineer at Microsoft, London.
  • Raam Chauhan: 2017, The Effect of Colloidal Aggregates on Fat Crystal Networks (jointly supervised by Prof Krassimir Velikov, Utrecht University). Currently a technical product consultant at Softwire.
  • Kira Klop: 2016, Colloidal Rods in Confinement (jointly supervised by Prof J Yeomans, Oxford physics). 
  • Colin Reynolds: 2016, Field induced assembly of superparamagnetic colloidal particles (jointly supervised by Prof R Dullens). Currently a software engineer at Microsoft.
  • Paola Ferrari: 2016, Designing novel colloidal materials
    from polyphenol-polymer complexes (jointly supervised by Prof Krassimir Velikov, Utrecht University).
  • Julia Schollick: 2015, Real space study of pattern formation in freezing colloidal suspensions (jointly supervised by Prof R Dullens, in collaboration with Unilever).
  • Liz Jamie: 2011, Colloidal interfaces in confinement. Currently colloid science leader at Unilever, Liverpool.

Part II Students

  • Joseph Daws: 2023, Utilizing LAMMPS to Simulate Rod-like Colloid Nematic Phases.
  • Shivani Abensour: 2023, Measuring Interactions in Two-Dimensional Colloidal Systems using Inverse Methods.
  • Mohammed Rajani: 2023, Study of the regelation behaviour of colloidal particles in ice.


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